Vancouver Dating After Coronavirus

Vancouver Dating After Coronavirus

Its been over 2 months of isolation and we’re looking at how to re-integrate into life, slowly and responsibly. So what about Vancouver dating after Coronavirus ? This is a question that we hear all the time.

We’re delighted to report that we are feeling very optimistic here in British Columbia. We are seeing glimmers of a silver lining arising from this unprecedented time.  We are seeing singles learning to take their time getting to know each other prior to even meeting in person.  Since singles are unable to rush into a relationship which means less prejudging.

The natural evolution of meaningful connections are now given the time and attention needed to develop. Conversations are longer and more meaningful. There is less small talk, reducing artificial and surface babbling. More authentic connections are developing as a result. Sex is off the table; therefore, you must spend the time to get to know another. Conversation skills are improving. Fewer distractions equate to more meaningful bonding.

Vancouver is an area with much to offer in terms of entertaining and unique first date ideas. Whether you are in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan or the Sunshine Coast. There are activities for all seasons which provides a myriad of opportunities. So, again, what about Vancouver dating after Coronavirus ?

Couples are looking forward to engaging and experiencing activities together. Often, we get comfortable in relationships, and the version of us that shows up romantically is the version that wants to ‘chill’. Couples need to share novel experiences together to keep the connection fresh and Vancouver is full of adventure waiting to happen!

The Coronavirus has thrust people all over the globe into a state of being alone. There is a vast difference between being alone and being lonely. Learning to enjoy being alone is a very healthy practice and combats the common theme of self-sabotage. This can become neediness in romantic relationships. Neediness suffocates desire in relationship and is one of the most common reasons that people pull away early on. Learning to become more self-reliant and self-assured during this time of isolation is a tool that will enhance self awareness and levels of independence. The result may be that future relationships could be healthier and interdependent rather than codependent.

People tend to keep themselves very busy, often to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings. This pandemic has been a great example of this when you see the posts of people finding ways to amuse themselves and others.

Another great by-product of this forced isolation is that many people are utilizing this time to try relationship coaching and personal development. They are no longer suppressing their inner world through external distractions. And can work through their baggage, and yes, everyone has baggage.

Working on transforming feelings into self-discovery and curiosity is a worthy exercise for singles and those in a relationship. Understanding ourselves and embracing our own separateness is essential and coexists with the need for connection.  This is what keeps desire alive in a relationship.

Humans are wired for interpersonal connection. It is essential and universal to all people. We have become accustomed to the ‘the next best thing’ mentality since the beginning of this digital era. So now that society is undergoing a state of global disconnection, finding true and meaningful connections on the other side of this will likely become a priority for many Vancouverites

So what about Vancouver dating after Coronavirus ? Things will be even better !

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Channa Bromley