New International Dating App Video Chat Scam

New International Dating App Video Chat Scam

Because of the pandemic, people are using more video chat on dating apps. But there is a new international dating app video chat scam to watch our for. For many this new world of virtual dating is a great way to safely meet people.

Dating apps are all experiencing record high signups. Additionally, international dating app usage is at record levels. This may be due to the popularity of shows like TLC’s 90 Day Fiancée.

The picture above is an actual person on a Skype call. She is recorded and not live.

How is this possible and go undetected ?

Here is how the scam works.

As with all dating apps it begins with messaging. But international dating apps are different as people usually move right to video chatting. Skype is used for the scam as new accounts can be setup with just an email address.

Imagine a man in Canada, UK, or Australia now video chatting with a hot Latin or Asian woman. Young women in poor countries will jump at the opportunity to have a man offer them a better life. You don’t need to be a rich sugar daddy to attract a woman from a poor country.

When the video call begins the woman says she is on a computer and her microphone is broken. On the surface it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. She can still chat, and she appears live on video. She continues to chat and hopes you don’t realize that she is not live.

International Dating App Scam

Actual Skype call with streaming recorded video

Worse yet, multiple Skype accounts can be used with the same video at the same time. So, more possible victims. By appearing to not be able to type well, they are generally looking at the keyboard. This too helps avoid detection of not being live.

As with all scammers, the conversations evolve to the woman needing a phone or food to get the victim to send some money.

So, if you video chat with someone who claims to have a broken mic, make them respond to a live request. Something as simple as “look up so I can see you” or “raise you arm” will let you know if they are live.

If it happens to you then report the profile to the dating app company.

And again, beware of this new international dating app video chat scam.

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